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To promote and preserve the Ravenna Council's centre La Lucertola, Gioco Natura Creatività - The Lizard: play, nature and creativity centre


Handmade Toys Museum

The Handmade Toys Museum or Tintinnabula Museumscendiscale

Tintinnabula Giocattolo-Museo is the place within the education and recreation centre for environmental awareness “La Lucertola” in Ravenna that collects and uses toys for the thousand and more activities offered to schools and to the city itself. The centre welcomes children, parents and grandparents, university students and teachers by introducing them to the art of playing as an important and meaningful experience in the daily life of everybody.

All toys have been collected and built by adults and children during the 28 years of the centre’s existence. They are exposed based on research and experimentation criteria with an open and interactive relationship to the outside world. Like the spider net captures moving creatures, the centre captures recreational ideas from any unexpected source and transforms them into toys which are then organized into stacks and collections to be touched, manipulated and studied in all their imaginable ways of use. sfine angolare

This museum is actually a big toy or rather the image of a living object shaped as the paraphrase of the existence of the serious world and capable of inspiring fantastic behaviours through which we can live with jokingly lightness.

Like an imaginary scenery, it could represent a world fragment, or, symbolically, the wholeness. The image of a corner where all those objects made from recycled material are gathered and that, even for a few seconds, can raise astonishment thanks to the protean quality of objects, ideas and concepts. scatola fiammiferi car

The museum aims at raising problematic situations born and activated by the joy of playing. It does have not set objectives but perspectives, a way of collecting, observing, and testing. It does not have a target or a purpose. It does not have the right idea, but just and idea.

The museum hosts more than 1500 toys and small collections

What does the “Tintinnabula Toys Museum offer”?

a) Guided tours to schools.bottle top

b) Production of recreational books and handbooks.

c) Parties, “Pi Greco party”, the Marble University.

d) Expositions:

- “Scienza in Altalena” (Science on a swing) in collaboration with Casa delle Arti e del Gioco di Mario Lodi, Editoriale scienza, Associazione La lucertola.

- “Un mondo, 10 giocattoli, 1000 combinazioni” (one world, 10 toys, 1000 combinations) on ethnic toys.

“Tappini a corona” Exposition of bottle tops inaugurated in spring 2010 in Ravenna and Carpi.

- “Trottoleria (top spinning)”

- “Un giocattolo, un poeta” (One toy, one poet)windmill toy

e) A museum area dedicated to table ethnic toys. The world most representative toys: pachisi, warri, dama, scacchi, go, onca, senet, alquerque, domino, carrom, tombola, crivello,backgammon, ecc...

f) Workshops and activities on “Playing inside the family”.

g) Recreational recyclying activities.

h) Workshops of creative manual skills for children.

e) Recreational and ecological excursions to the city.

Where you can find the museum:

Via Romolo Conti n1, 48121 Ravenna

telefax 0544 465078 mail:


last updating:: 19th August 2011