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La Lucertola Association - Ravenna - Italylogo association la lucertola link

To promote and preserve the Ravenna Council's centre La Lucertola, Gioco Natura Creatività - The Lizard: play, nature and creativity centre


the Centre

The Centrerobot-tino

Address: Romolo Conti Street, n. 1 - 48100 Ravenna, Italy

Google Map: link

To visit the Centre or to receive more information you can send message at, or you can call the 0544 - 465078

The Centre is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 8,30am to 1pm and from 2,30pm to 6pm.

The Centre is also open when there are some activities. To learn this have a look at the What's going on page of the website.

Some images of the inside and outside of the building

l'ingresso La Lucertola Ravenna ingrandimento
classe in visita ingrandimento ingrandimento
ingrandimento esterno la lucertola ingrandimento
The main entrace via R. Conti 1
children visiting the Centre
standing installations
giardino posteriore ingrandimento entrando al piano terra ingrandimento le scale al piano superiore ingrandimento
the back garden
getting into the ground floor
the stairs leading to the first floor
la stanza di accoglienza ingrandimento giocattoli alla Lucertola ingrandimento la stanza dei giocattoli ingrandimento
the welcoming room
handmade toys and global issue
the room of the toy collections



last updating:: 19th August 2011