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La Lucertola Association - Ravenna - Italylogo association la lucertola link

To promote and preserve the Ravenna Council's centre La Lucertola, Gioco Natura Creatività - The Lizard: play, nature and creativity centre


what's going on

What's going-on at the La Lucertola Centre

During September and October months of this year the Association has planned two different projects: "Polliedricità" and "Jean-Pierre Rossie in Ravenna".polliedricitià


The project "Polliedricità" is a series of meetings with authors of books, in which all of them are working in the field of contemporary education.
Meetings are opened to the public and they happen in the Centre, starting at 6pm.
These are the dates:
- 16 September, Jean-Pierre Rossie and the luggage of and his toolbox of handmade toys that express the creativity of the children of Morocco with the participation of Assessore alla Cultura ed Educazione Ouidad Bakkai

playing with the gameboy
playing with the handmade toy
card childhood and play cultures
Images are taken by the "Playing on the line" book of Julio Etchart


"Jean-Pierre Rossie in Ravenna" is a project about children's, childhood and their play cultures in the present world. During September, the project will start with the special presence and contribution of Jean-Pierre Rossie (one of the few and major antropologist and researchers in the field of contemporary and international children's play cultures), and it will carry-on during winter time in the Ravenna schools. At the end of the project there will be a display of children's handmade toys in the shop windows of some children's shops of Ravenna centre.The project is a three years long project, and after the first year it will start the dissemination phase by an itinerant collection of toys, which will be enreached by workshops and tools to train teachers. The dissemination phase will be planned and realised with the collaboration of national and international organisations.

These are the dates and events during September:

16 September at 6pm, at the Lucertola Centre: Jean-Pierre Rossie is introducing "The luggage of handmade toys", a real treasure expressing Moroccan's children's creativity

21 September from 3pm to 6pm: Toy-making workshop for families. Making dolls and little cars using waste and natural materials.

22 September at 5pm in the forum Theatre (sala Bozzi) Berlinguer Street, n.11: "Sharing images of childhoods via their local play cultures". During the event different experts will share their knowledge telling and comparing different childhoods






last updating:: 19th August 2011